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Help Anthony Bonna Win Re-Election for County Commissioner in November


Endorsed by TCPalm Newspaper, Congressman Tom Rooney, Councilman John Carvelli, Councilwoman Jolien Caraballo, and the organization representing our local Realtors.

Anthony Bonna has received campaign contributions/support from the following elected officials:

19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Diamond Litty
Congressman Tom Rooney
Congressman John Mica
State Representative Gayle Harrell
State Representative Mary Lynn Magar
State Representative Bobby Olszewski
State Representative Jason Brodeur
St. Lucie County School Board Member Troy Ingersoll
Port St. Lucie Vice-Mayor Shannon Martin
Port St. Lucie Councilwoman Jolien Caraballo
Port St. Lucie Councilman John Carvelli


Alto Lee Adams III
Robert Adams
Art & Sandee Allen
Steve & Jennifer Allen
Katie Alonzo
Caterina Angelone
Robert Austin
Tom Babcock
Dorothy Baskin
Brenda Baumgardner
Jason & Kim Baumgardner
Michael Baumgardner
Eddie Becht
Brandon Bennett
Michael Bernard
Richard Bernard
Ryan Binner
Robert Bluestone
Theresa Bonna
Matthew Borkowski
Dawn Borrow
Gigi Bowman
Kitty Brostek
Mike & Mimi Brown
Mark Bryant
Pete Bullock
Glenn Bush
Diane Caldwell
Susie Caron
Carroll Collins
Ryan Collins
Marcia Cully
Kimball & Jill Dabe
Mark Dake
Sally Daniell
Cecelia De Filippis
Barry Deets
Ruth Destafney
Gerald DiBartolomeo
Janet Dimitroff
John Dimola
Richard & Carol Donnelly
Frank Fee
David Ferguson
Lori Fry
John Giorgis
Judy Glass
Mark & Juanell Godwin
Ana Gomez-Mallada
Dennis Green
Xiovani Guanill
Brad Guffin
David Hall
Peter Harrison
Jim Hatfield
Rachel Heddings
Mike Hofstee
Bobby Hopkins
Martha Hornsby
Laurie Hoy
Clay Humphries
Christine Hunt
William J Knight, Jr.
Thom Jones
Jordan Kahle
Sharon Kelly-Brown
Marie Kerr
Gerard Khourie
Steven Knapp
Dan & Fran Kurek
Richard  Lambert
June Lamson
Barbara Langel
Patrick Langel
Maredith Leonard
Frank Lillo
Robert Lloyd
Ed Lounds
Miriam Losada
Bobby & Sharon Lowe
Juan Lugo
Cindy McLaurin
John Madden
Susan Magee
Lynette Marraffa
Bill May
Tom McDonald
George & Diane McIlrath
Larry McIntyre
Derek McSween
Hayden Mercer
Joey Miller
Judi Miller
Thomas Mollica
James Monds
Dennis Murphy
Hoyt C Murphy, Jr.
Kenneth Nail
Peg Norton
Reece Parrish
Stephen Pinney
Don & Nyla Pipes
Matthew Piscitelli
Robert & Susan Polakow
Karina Priest
Michael Riordan
Ann Rise
Cynthia Rodd
Christy Romano
Joann Ronco
Ethel Rowland
Steve Sabo
Michael Salerno
JW Salveson
Grace Ann Scott
Larry Shoup
LeeAnn Adams Simmons
Rick & Samantha Simnett
Vernon Smith
Dimmit Standley
Betty Jo Starke
Joe Stewart
Nancy Stiglbauer
Charles Stracuzzi
Paul Sweeney
James Taylor
Butch & Sherry Terpening
Jim Thoma
Rebekah Thompson
Betty Thorne-Shearer
Joe Torres
Dana Trabulsy
Jim Turner
Sean Van Anglen
Andres Velez
Clare Verdonik
Carlos & Jennifer Wells
William J. Wilcox
David Willbur
Susan Wilson
Alan Winslow
Dan Wire
Dianne Zientz

A&G Concrete Pools, Inc.
ACCH Insurance Agency, LLC
All Out Training Facility
Allen Family Real Estate, LLC
Bonner Mobile Bar Service LLC
Cargail, LLC
Castle Creek Advisors, LLC
Culpepper & Terpening, Inc.
GALS’ Properties, LLC
Homar Investments, LLC
Joho Properties, LLC
Knight Smith Holdings
Lowe ‘s International Realty Plus
McCulley Marine Services, Inc.
Meredith R Leonard S & S Photography
Phoenix Metal Products, Inc.
Railside, LLC
Remnant Construction
Russakis Groves
School Development Group, Inc.
Smyth Builders Inc.
South Forty Ltd
Southern Eagle Distributing
Split Enz Salon, Inc.
St. Lucie Oaks, L.C. Rental Account
StallMur Properties, LLC
Traxx Entertainment
Tri-County Automotive & Towing
Waste Pro

Facebook Endorsements

Read endorsements on Facebook or endorse Anthony there. Here a few samples:

“I whole-heartedly believe in Anthony, and I urge you to support him with your vote! He has an incredible work ethic along with a vision for increasing prosperity in St. Lucie County through job creation and economic development. Anthony is a great listener, problem solver and team player who loves this community and is committed to making a positive difference.” Dr. Judi  Miller, Non-profit CEO & Former School Board Member 

“As a former local elected official and active member of our Community, I am always encouraged to see youthful, talented, and enthusiastic individuals gravitate toward service in our local political process. I am convinced that Anthony is best equipped to encourage economic development, foster educational opportunities, protect our environment, hold the line on taxes and keep St. Lucie County a secure and exceptional locale.” – Bob Bluestone

“I have known Anthony Bonna since he was a teenager and have seen him grow into a kind, compassionate and hardworking man. Always willing to help without asking or expecting anything in return. That is the heart of a true public servant.” – Karen Sweeney

Anthony Bonna has strong ties to the community. He is willing and determined to do what’s right for the people. He is and will be a great voice for St Lucie County.” – Vincent Marraffa, Traxx Entertainment

“I support Anthony Bonna because I know him to be an honest person who cares about other people. Anthony is an Eagle Scout and I have great respect for him !! He will try his best in whatever he attempts. He continues to live by the Scout Oath and Laws.” – Sally Taylor Daniel

“Anthony is active in the community and at our parish St. Anastasia. He is very friendly and an all-around kind of individual. He does what he can to serve our community in an honorable and charitable manner.” – Blessy Tamayo

Campaign Donors

You can see a complete list of my campaign donors through 10/18 here.

Appointment Letters To The Governor*
During the appointment process, many members of the community wrote letters to Governor Scott in support of Anthony’s appointment. Here are excerpts from some of those letters:
“I can say without reservation that his strong character, incredible work ethic, and passion for public service will make him an effective commissioner for St. Lucie County.” – Former U.S. Senator George LeMieux
“As a fellow small business owner, I recognize Mr. Bonna’s drive and determination to find solutions and get results. He is committed to a conservative philosophy that believes in the benefits of the free market and the solutions that private businesses can provide to our community and state. Additionally, his fiscal knowledge and management skills would make him an excellent leader in navigating the St. Lucie County budget. I have worked with Mr. Bonna and sought his advice when addressing issues affecting St. Lucie County and the Treasure Coast. He is committed to caring for those in need and works as a mentor with Big Brothers and Sisters. Mr. Bonna understands the importance of a great education and how it can change the lives of so many. He has a grasp of the complicated water issues affecting the State and The Indian River Lagoon. Mr. Bonna is supportive of growing Treasure Coast businesses through the reduction of taxes, regulation, and bureaucratic red tape.” – State Representative Mary Lynn Magar
“Anthony is an intelligent man of high moral character. He is task driven and extremely goal oriented. He
demonstrates strong leadership abilities and professionalism. He has served our county well as
our State Committeeman.” – Shannon Martin, Vice-Mayor of Port St. Lucie
“His graduating and returning to serve our community speaks volumes about his dedication to St. Lucie County.” – John Carvelli, Port St. Lucie Councilman
“Anthony is a longtime resident of St. Lucie County, and has an extensive track record in serving those residing in, operating business, and visiting, St. Lucie County… As the former Mayor of the City of Fort Pierce, I can attest to his ability to forge relationships with community leaders, business owners, and citizens of this great County, and State.” – Bob Benton, Former Fort Pierce Mayor
“He is a man of faith and character and someone who would represent the county well as their commissioner.” Mike Brown Sr., Harbor Community Bank
“I have personally known Anthony for 17 years and can attest to his individual character and strong ethics… Anthony has the keen ability to build coalitions and rally support to address community issues. I know he is tenacious, hardworking, and vested in ensuring St. Lucie County thrives economically for all citizens. I believe he would be an effective partner with your goal of putting Florida back to work.” Thom Epsky
“Anthony grew up in County Commission District 2, intimately knows the issues important to our area, and has been actively making an impact for nearly two decades.” – Mike Bernard
“As an internationally-recognized thought leader in the education space…, I am particularly excited to see such a strong proponent of education up for your consideration. As  a business owner, I am confident that Anthony shares your philosophy of keeping taxes low and cutting unnecessary regulation to create jobs.” – Trina Angelone, CEO, Virtual Schools of Excellence
* A letter in support of my appointment does not necessarily imply a formal endorsement in the political campaign.
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